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Design of a Temporary Relief Shelter for Use in Natural Disasters and Other Emergencies

Development of concept level product to provide efficient protection of large-scale natural disasters with consideration of rapid and manageable deployment requirements, durability and scale to provide protection and basic shelter needs of families with a design consideration to lack of material and professional resources often faced in large scale national disasters.  

Project objectives included:

  • Minimal storage space and cost required for system prior to deployment
  • Transportation via standard commercial means
  • Ease of deployment by those with limited mechanical skills, tools or training
  • Durable system capable of protecting occupants from environment for up to 2 years without loss of function


  • Provide living space for 4 adults, sleeping and food preparation, ~100 square feet
  • Manufactured from sustainable materials
  • Capable of withstanding magnitude 7.5 earthquakes
  • Can be disassembled and recycled or returned to storage
  • Easily repaired